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Let me hear you depoliticize my rhyme

♥Cunt Face♥
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7 year bitch, 80's style, afi, agent orange, alkaline trio, anti-flag, astro zombies, bad religion, banane metalik, bangs, batmobile, bettie page, big hair, bikini kill, billy idol, blondie, boomtown rats, bratmobile, brody, buzzcocks, catcher in the rye, cheap trick, choking victim, chop tops, chubuka, conflict, courtney love, creepers, cyndi lauper, david bowie, dead boys, dead kennedys, demented are go, depeche mode, donnie darko, eyeliner, feminism, fifties, fight club, fishnet, flat tops, garbage, ghouls, graveyards, greasers, hairspray, halloween, high heels, hole, horror, hot rods, inxs, jackie kennedy, james dean, jd salinger, johnny depp, johnny psycho, kathleen hanna, kill rock stars, klingonz, kofffin kats, l7, le tigre, leftover crack, lunachicks, mad sin, makeup, meteors, michael moore, morrisey, nekroman, nekromantix, new bomb turks, new york dolls, nine inch nails, old madonna, old no doubt, pin-up girls, placebo, planet smashers, polka dots, polkadots, psychobilly, psychos, pyschobilly, rancid, reagan youth, red lipstick, reverend horton heat, riot grrl, riot grrrl, rockabilly, sex pistols, ska, skanking, sleater-kinney, speed crazy, speedemon hellride, spice girls, stiff little fingers, sylvia plath, talking heads, tears for fears, the addicts, the adicts, the b-52's, the brimstones, the butchies, the casualties, the clash, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the dead boys, the devotchkas, the distillers, the exploding hearts, the exploited, the horrorpops, the misfits, the pretenders, the raincoats, the ramones, the slits, the stitches, the stray cats, the texecutioners, the unseen, the virgin suicides, tiger army, tim burton, toy dolls, tsunami bomb, u2, vampires, vicesquad, vintage cars, violent femmes, wreickin machine, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeah's, zombies